Thursday, November 22, 2007

Repatriation: A Thanksgiving Poem

I came back to America today
to her fields, her factories, her baseball and bars.
I came back to her slow burning forests
her rivulets of asphalt, her neon ocean
I came back to her chicken waitresses
Pecking at my coffee with a glass-beaked pot
Her sycamore men, in parks, on porches
thousand year old roots still weaving.

I came back to America to see
her washaterias, her apple orchards
her Rubik's cubes and roundabouts
I came back to dip my head in
her fountains, her soil, her underbrush.
I came back to wade in her politics,
in her media, in her Saturday morning cartoons.

I came back to wear meatloaf like a hat
to urinate on fire hydrants
to run invisible flight plans
from my gabled window

I came back to peel the orange
off the slow setting sun
To walk as wind
through mint-flavored pines
To cup beautiful like a bee
in the hive of my hands.

I came back to America
to walk across her deserts
her prairies, her mountains, and mesas
her trusses and bridges
her ciliche, her dirt, her brick
I came back to walk
on her formica, her tinfoil
her notebooks and negligee
her demigods and dinosaur bones.

I came back to America
to swallow presidents
To say their names
like I say my grandfather's
to chew their words like bubblegum
to wax political with the ants

I came back to America for pie,
for cobbler, for wedding cake,
for t-bone dinners,
for t-bone breakfasts,
for heavy white bread
soaked in egg and fried
upon my plate.

I came back for college football,
for potato chips and paralysis,
eyes glued to the tube,
watching for god-moment men.

I came back for sidewalks,
for cotton candy and caramel apples
for stick ball and dead end streets,
for astronauts and acrobats
for the twenty tongued tiger
to purr at my feet
for constellations, for sewing circles
for homemade wine and biscuits
for scratch and sniff sentiments
for dogs, heavy like a blanket.

I came back to America to pause

to take a deep breath
to open up a book
to curl up at her sensible soles
to hear her harrowing history of me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lines Upon the Lincoln Memorial

- for my good friend Jon

I stood in stone
within his words
beneath his feet.

His skeleton chair
a throne of bones
unburied corpse.

His left hand holds
some secret seed
in furrowed fist.

His right hand slow
with heavy fingers
falls like banners.

His shoulders broad
an unkempt altar
his head like wine.

From which his eyes
stare down the aisle
at the empty church.

Whose godless halls
might still recall
these heavy knees once bent.

Monday, November 12, 2007

City of Lights

My travel magazine just referred to Paris
As the "City of Lights."
Flipping the top corner of its silky sheets,
I can't help but wonder if there's a better name.

The "City of Stairs" perhaps,
17 floors of social hierarchy, dangerously connected
with six-inch steps.

The "City of Dogs"
347 breeds pulling the masses under the
shapeless sign of Sirius.

The "City of Bread"
Glazed, sugared, grained, and piping hot
slowly being torn apart.

The "City of Benches"
9,003 different spots to wax, wane,
witness a world of concrete and straw.

The "City of Sex"
Neon eyes and inner thighs pumping ubiquitous
origami orgies.

The "City of Words"
Heads and pens buried in a multi-lingual sand
ostrich rich.

The "City of Churches"
Decorating Paris like an octogenarian's cake
full and empty all at once.

The "City of Tourists"
Ephemeral population pulsing through scavenger hunts
checking off life in blinking digital.

The "City of Gypsies"
Human infestation crawling through the un-swept cracks
gold ring, gold teeth.

The "City of Wine"
7 billion swimming in blanc et rouge
spitting simultaneously

The "City of Glass"
Stained in cathedrals, stained in gutters
no one knowing which to look through for their gods.

The "City of Bruno"
Of Pauline, of Pierre, of beret born bureaucrats
living outside the story.

The "City of Piss"
From the Celts to the Gauls, from Romans to Nazis
one steady stream of gold.

The "City of Ennui"
As we metro through their basement carrying
their stares like blankets.

The "City of Anonymity"
Shadowing the dark places, stepping out
in the fore-head high heels of night.

The "City of Continuity"
The same shuddering shutters open and close to reveal the same
Glockenspiel girl, un-wooden.

The "City of Corpses"
Their dead almost outweighing their living, some finding it difficult
to tell the difference.

Or maybe just the "City of Lights"
One vast power prism distracting us
from the cities inside.

Friday, November 9, 2007


What you don't know
is that it's already written
Early this morning I plunged a sewing needle in my left eye. The ink in the pupil was enough to scribe a quick note on some weathered papyrus.

What you don't know
is that it's already hidden
Folded razor thin and slid into the waiting abyss of my back pocket, where's its only company is a lost Valentine's Day card and empty candy wrappers.

What you don't know
is that it's already burning
This evening I poured gasoline on myself like 8th grade perfume and held a small brown butane lighter to the sole of my left shoe.

I've been slowly suffocating for the past 3 hours.
The flame has finally reached my eyes.
It's melting the framework of my glasses onto the bridge of my nose
It's cutting at the curbs of my eyelids, ebbing and flowing into my sight

I am now a 6 foot combustable Christmas tree
Joan of Arc, tied on like a candy cane
I was born to die a comet.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I see a girl each night. She carries stones like rainwater, like an offering. Above the stones swim seven goldfish, unyielding to gravity, perched mid-air. Cutting her feet are the broken bones of a fishbowl that isn't now, won't be, and perhaps, never was.

Reflections upon reading the book of Obidiah

Will I be wrath
or an object of
His wrath?

Am I to be lifted to mountains,
or will the earth rise around me,
buried in valleys?

If all the world is a God's sword,
my only question is which end holds my throat
the hilt or the blade.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am going to be gone for a few days and so i wanted to give you guys some more bad poetry to read while I was absent.

Expect a poem on my return on wednesday. Good mondays and tuesdays to you all.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The poem I would have written in 7th grade if I wasn't listening to so much Reba

the celibate moon
holds me by the throat
I wait coughless
suspended over her metal water
over her printless sand

it is not enough to breathe now
my lungs water full
my lips on earth
my skeleton
the glowing grey sarcophagus
of my past

my unbroken past
bending under the pressure
of her immaculate stare.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A poem

amoeba avalanche acrostic accolade apoplexy Appomattox accumulate appropriation approval alibi alkaline aurora ambrosia accompany acrid Allentown Appelby's amplify average ant alliterative acorn ash amplitude afterglow argue aver Antwerp agronomy alligator alley alter altar abdomen anon axe adder asp awl accordion Azerbaijan aggregation.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Motion Blindness

evidental ther are
who suffer
otion blindn

they see
world n frame

the sympto ally
stem om some he
injury o roke

I can ly agine
what would be
onl eing th elm

never knowing to what.