Friday, September 21, 2007

The Status of My Book of Poetry

I'm collecting these poems like cranes,
Flying back to where they were folded,
Where the wind blew them from my arms.

I'm adjusting these poems like so many lenses,
Focusing on the minute minutes,
Twisting my eye like a Stevenson character.

I'm filing these poems like taxonomy
Decorating each one with dead Latin,
Asking them nervously to stand still while I count.

I am weighing these poems like cantaloupe
Using balance beam hands to hold
Both them and the memory they're worth.

I'm cutting these poems like nails
Trying hard not to rip them with my teeth,
No one wants blood at the cuticle.

I'm writing these poems like a ghost,
Face full of fingers, staring in foggy windows,
Kissing my words on the glass.


Michael said...

How are you? First off thanks for the birthday call it was thoughtful and appreciated. Second, I saw Resident Evil 3 today. Although some of my multitude of friends expressed interest in going to see the movie with me I called no one and went by myself. I did this because I knew the only person who would appreciate this incredible piece of cinema as much as me was you. You are missed.

JustinWolf said...


I have a feeling you're about to unleash 5 to 10 poems on our A's. Why don't you give us a slow release by posting one every other day.

You can drink a triple shot of espresso in the morning, and you'll be rocking and rolling for about 5 hours, but then you'll hit a wall for the rest of the day. Or, you can drink three single shot espressos throughout the day, so you're always feeling good. Why not choose the latter?

Michael said...

Will you be stateside in time to catch the release of weird animation beowulf? If so we can watch it together and I can explain it to you.

Glenn Phillips said...

Michael, get on facebook so we can talk like real men.
And yes, we will watch it with all the other geeks who are actually interested in Old English poetry or think they'll see Lara Croft in a cave.