Friday, February 6, 2009

February 2, 2009

4,893, 322, 402 people probably wouldn't
care if I died tomorrow, wouldn't read it in
the paper or hear it from a  friend.
They wouldn't send flowers or light a 
candle.  They wouldn't call my parents or 
friends and tell them about the great sense
of loss they didn't feel and how God 
does and doesn't work in mysterious ways.

If I had a list of them I think I would find them
in their cramped apartments and beachside
condos.  I would introduce myself, careful to 
pronounce my first and last names with an
unfolding clarity.  Sure that they could recite
both first and last with linguistic dexterity,
I would beat them without mercy.  Blood
fisted and unyielding I would continue to scream
my name. As I walked away I would shout it
again over my shoulder, just to make sure.

I'm sure when they hear I've passed, they will be 
consumed with a great sense of joy. and then, of course,
there will only be 4,893,322, 401.

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