Wednesday, August 12, 2009

April 24, 2009

The bagels are burned
and the toast is now toast.
The sunny-side-ups took
the train to the coast.

the juice has been lossed,
and the mik is now cheese.
The jam has re-fruited,
the honey, rebee-ed

The bacon backed out
on account of the ham
who has, just like the sausage,
jumped out of the pan.

The flapjacks were flipped
and chose not to come down.
the waffles we cooked
are a little too brown.

The French toast and scones
have repatriated.
The blueberry yogurt's
absurdly outdated.

And I'd have some bran flakes,
but the milk is still cheese,
and the bran flakes with beer,
they don't look fit to eat.

And though I need breakfast
I have half a hunch
the only breakfast I'll get
will be timely called lunch.


Clayton Bell said...

This makes me laugh. I especially like the French toast and scones line. And I loved the poems about specific words. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

you are dr. seuss

Anonymous said...

Glennjamin is eating breakfast!...well done sir, well done...even if it is a bit later than the standard breakfast.


Ann Shirley said...

I love this. Sarcastic children's books, your next career.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone gave brunch the credit brunch was due.