Friday, October 16, 2009

May 14, 2009

They tell me to read the Bible
sit down and hold my thumbs
Breathe long deep breaths
and listen to a God who is close.

They say they talk to him daily
they feel His presence like so much wind
They hear His plan for them.

And so I sit cross-legged
and cross-armed on this dirty carpet
my Bible opened to Job
my eyes closed and my
breathes long, slow as the Nile

And I don't her Him
and I don't ever hear Him
and I don't know if my
stillness is not still enough
or if he forgot to show

leaving me alone
a handful of thumbs

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JustinWolf said...

Hey the latest glenn! Great poem. I'm absolutely loving your recent stuff. I keep trying to call you to figure out what the "thumbs" reference means, but maybe I'll try hitting you up at