Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Best Pick-up Line

So I said, "Sure,
you bring the clouds,
and I'll bring my
blanket of sky,

and we will lie
down outside of Eden
on the warm sands
of our fathers,

on their backs and
bellies, their bones
and blood, burnt
to a black sand

like volcanic beaches,
that are still warm.
And we can talk," I said,

"Talk about the curves
of rivers and how
from the moon, the world
must look more geometric."

And between angles
and angels and the
mathematics of both,
we may see the

Quaker sun dip into
the responsible horizon,
pushing our silhouettes away
from us like decks of cards,

and I'll say, "Hey, why don't
we stab up the ceiling
with stars, curl up like it's cold,

and talk about what must be
shining on the other side.


Anonymous said...

This made me melt. Love it, Glenn. Jenn Wolfshohl :o)

Anonymous said...

this is the best

Anonymous said...

Panties, meet Floor.

Jon said...

TLG, I love this.