Thursday, October 25, 2007


That woman on the metro is missing two fingers.
That one with the hat, brim pulled like Saturn.
She's grabbing the pole with her thumb and ring finger.
Her pinkie hidden from its brothers' fate
She looks like a sketch from some fashion catalogue.

"Here we have a classic brown knee-length
Accented with brown hose and a cashmere sweater.
You see how the gold of her necklace and rings
accentuate the modest neutral hues of her base.
The heels and silk of her scarf take this ensemble
from Sunday morning to Saturday night..."

The absence of her first two fingers on her right hand
are a fortunate addition to the outfit
Who knows in which jaguar's belly they sit?
Which voodoo priest is wearing them like a trophy
accenting the his high ancestral cheek bones
and the ivory at the bridge of his nose?

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