Sunday, October 28, 2007

Upon Reading the Book of Jonah

After we walk the narrow path.
After we find it constricting.
After we widen it with our teeth
Biting and spitting out the gravel.
After we forge other territories
After we set things ablaze
After we stick hands in the fire
After we are burned
After we are content
After we are free

After we find peace,
What great fish will swallow us?


Anonymous said...


Glenn Phillips said...

Not to split hairs, (pun intended) but the text claims it was a great fish. When I start writing poetry based on children's books and bedtime stories, I'll be sure to include the commonly accepted taxonomy of the beast, (which in my humble opinion is a just a regression to the Greek myth base of Andromeda and Cetus).

jason coggins said...

you pwned that anon

JustinWolf said...

later anon

TB said...

apparently anon failed to realize that "you can't snow a snowman" (or something ridiculous like that)

Michael said...

Reveal yourself and accept your shame!!!!