Friday, June 5, 2009

March 6, 2009

Upon Graduation
For my friends at Pearce High School

You are not tamed men,
not you, not with your
fierce eyes and fiery throats.
You are not meant to be still,
to watch and wait.
These quiet lives are for other
men, vessels to carry the water
you are commissioned to bring
forth out of the thirsty ground.

You are not tamed men, for
the leashes and lashes could not,
would not hold you.
The lockless fetters woven by the world
caould not, would not keep you in one
place, so like a quiet wind, you
slip in and out of their doors and bars.
And when you gather, you hurricane
a spirit through the open cathedral walls.

No, you are not tamed men.
Not you.
You are instead the beasts of a
bold God, made in His image,
Temporarily pulsing in your thin and
thinning cages that must also set you

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