Friday, June 5, 2009

March 7, 2009


Gather around the fire men
smoke smoke talk talk and
lace your lives together.

And when you wake tomorrow
lift your arma nd feel the
weight of your brothers,
not the dull hum of gravity,
but the balletic sweep of water
that makes each move so significant.

And when you wake far from them,
feel your brothers like
a storm blowing in, the cold
belly of the wind, the trees
in a passionate pantomime.
Let them run through your hair and
beneath your chin. Feel them on
your legs and shoulders.
Look up at the sky and pray for rain.

And when you wake an old man,
hum them like a song your
grandfather once sang. Hold
them in your mouth like music.
Remember the days when you were
first laced together.
Now open your brittle lips and
watch the smoke pour out, talk
talk as the embers twitch
and yawn.

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