Tuesday, December 8, 2009

June 9, 2009

Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer

I have not read your books.
I do not plan to.

I have heard they are
a great story penned by
a willing if inadequate writer.

I congratulate you on
overcoming your name.
I believe, until now,
the highest honor a “Stephenie”
has received was Lieutenant Colonel
of her high school drill team.

You’ve really showed the world
what big hair and high kicks
can do when unfettered by the
yoke of character development.


Jon said...

Angie Wood hates you now.

Matt and Angie Wood said...

I could actually agree with you if not for the final, almost blasphemous line.

ps - a quick google search reveals a Senior Airman in the US Air Force - Stephenie Wade.

Glenn Phillips said...

A quick Stephenie Wade myspace page reveals:

About me:
I am a down to earth girl.. I believe everyone should not be afraid to show there true colors and stand up for what they beleive in. Live life to the fullest and never settle for second best. Somewhere down the line of life i hope to be something that will change the world, save someones life or make a difference, but right now i am just living. I am a photographer and love to travel! I Like to Party and Love to Dance! So if you know me or think you wanna know me send me a message holla..

holla indeed.

Matt and Angie Wood said...

that's hilarious.

Jon said...

I couldn't have dreamed up a more attractive MySpace profile.